Slang Site:

When we are learning a language one of the problems we come across when we want to practice and test our fluency in a native speaker context, it is common that the speakers of the language we are learning usually use terms that we do not know. Some will be words that will not appear in a normal dictionary as they are part of the cultural or regional slang.

In English, slang words are not always offensive or inappropriate, sometimes they are just words that are only used in certain areas, or very specific words that are usually created to refer to cultural items.

Now, we have tools to identify those words and understand their meanings. In we can find a very useful list of terms that are used in common slang English. The site is specially recommended for those looking for words used in the UK English varieties.

The quality of the references found in this dictionary is simply amazing. You can find very common words and also terms that are used just in specific areas.

The user interface is pretty uncomfortable as it lack a search engine, but we can browse the words by their initial letter. Probably, this is not the smartest way to look up for words, but it is certainly worth it. The asthetic and the colours of the site at least, are suitable for reading.

Here are a couple of captions to see how it is structured and how it looks like:

In the caption right above we can see a definition of the verb “to mither”. This particular example shows how incredibly precise this resource is. From my experience I can tell that this is such a particular word from the Yorkshire dialects that not many people know, not even in the UK. Below “mithering” we can also find the acronym “MITIN”.

The reference to acronyms of new use is one of the main features of this dictionary as it does not only provide a meaning and the actual words it stands for, but it also gives examples of its use.

To conclude, we must claim that this is not the most smart or powerful online resource to look up words, but it is certainly an amazing dictionary with thousands of entries based on real slang words and examples of their use. There is undoubtedly a lot of work behind this tool.


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